New Moon for writers

Tonight is a new moon. I only know this because I have been spending a lot of time learning how to slow down and really, really see the world around me. Seasons have always been interesting to me because of their metaphoric powers, so looking at the shape shifting moon isn’t that much of a leap.

It is such a marvelously, writerly idea that every month we get to write down our ideas and intentions for what’s to come, all over again. Aren’t we all thoroughly accustomed to drafts and re-drafts and the opportunities to get things right?

So, taking a moment to write our deepest, sweetest, truest hopes and visions on paper or in song or in pause is like a balm for this writer.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t exactly how this all works: you can look anywhere online or in your local library about how to set intentions for this new moon, and all the others thereafter. Just don’t forget to make it personal. It’s your/my chance to hone in on what we are trying to accomplish. It’s time to tell the voice of doubt and distraction that we can do this thing and we will do it.

It can be as simple or as decorative as your intuition tells you, but make it real.

As for me, my time will be filled with flowers, night lights and scribbling ideas I can’t seem to let go of. And then I will blow my words like a kiss out into the ether in the hopes it will find its way back to me, ready to be lived out.

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