Celebrate the little victories

Yesterday, I submitted some work I started back in 2018. It lay dormant most of 2019 with the birth of my second daughter, but still kept calling to me. In 2020, I took it back out, re-read the work I had written and could see every character as clear as my own hands.

And so I worked on it. Through the pandemonium that was Covid-19, I would wake up at 5am or 5:30 on tougher days and force myself to sit at my computer and work until I heard my daughters yelling for breakfast or missing baby dolls.

It’s been grueling. I am exhausted; I’m recovering from a cold; but I remain so glad that I did it. It’s not all done. Revision is a bear and I will be back at work on it on the Monday after Easter, but I am taking a moment to revel in the fact I had a target (a publisher’s call for un-agented writers) that motivated me to get going. It made me rework my synopsis until it all made sense (which yes, meant I had to rewrite my whole first three chapters and likely the whole first act!). It meant I now have a hook I am stoked with and an author’s bio. It meant caring about this website again and not being ashamed that I haven’t had any fiction published yet, despite all my dreaming and yearning.

I won’t hear anything back for at least 90 days. You read right, 90 days! But what an honor it is to be able to submit work alongside so many other talented black writers. And how lucky I am to have such good people in my life who read my work and gave me critical and vital feedback.

So, yesterday I celebrated with a couple of glasses of Prosecco and supped in the glow of knowing I worked hard and will work harder yet. I love my story; I think it is an important one that has to be told and I truly hope I get the chance to share it out further and wider.

This isn’t bombastic news of a publishing deal or being signed to an agent, but it is a fellow creative who knows that sometimes just getting your work done and out of your brain is cause in itself to celebrate.

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