The lesser and so much more characters

Yesterday the Universe was kind and I have a lovely friend who gave me passes to see: ‘Love Simon’ before it’s general release. Let me tell you: it does NOT disappoint.

If you don’t know the story read here. It was the most addictive read, I’ve read in a while and considering I’m working on three projects of my own, that’s saying something!

Simon is all a protagonist should be and Robinson does justice to his portrayal, but it’s the side characters, the friends and even enemies that stick in my mind. It’s their arcs, their grief, struggles, joys and triumphs that added even more to this (even with the little we were provided). And it doesn’t hurt that this adaptation is diverse AF! Seriously, it was like the powers that be decided: “aha, maybe we should try and make a film that is representative of young people all over the place and not just a homogenous few…” Genius really. <insert shameless eye rolling>.

I, like so many others crave the normalization of everyone so much, sometimes it threatens to overwhelm me. But this is how things change: with stories that capture and inspire and peel back the biases we have grown up with and are still trying to outrun.

These lesser known characters have hearts and flawed characters. They are complex and are juggling more than we can bother trying to understand a lot of the time. They have histories and backgrounds and stories that will hit us between the eyes if we care to see. All of these characters together make for such fuller, richer, textured stories and I for one, am here for it.

So, when you go and see, ‘Love Simon’ next month try and give more than a cursory glance to those in Simon’s orbit. His story has a lot of heart and it reaches out far and wide with a whole cast of people that make the story better.

N.B. The film isn’t the book, it’s a different animal, but crafted with so much tenderness you’ll be thinking about it afterwards too!


– Erina Amelia

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