All the words

What has caught you recently? Not just slightly amused you or made you look its way, but really sunk it’s hook underneath your skin and tugged?

It’s the book, ‘More Happy Than Not’ by Adam Silvera for me. He takes sexual identity, growing up in the inner city, being a minority and memory manipulation and weaves it all together into something that follows you into your sleep.

He has created a gay protagonist that first had me staring on the edge and then by the end, feeling a whole gamut of emotions. All good books need a good twist and Silvera does that here, and it haunts. It resonates. And it affected my day to day relations with friends in the LGBTQ community (in a good way).

Isn’t that the whole point of being a writer? To take our readers down a route they maybe weren’t expecting they needed or wanted.

Of course it made me reflect on my own pieces of work. It was the much needed, not-so-subtle reminder to be true, always in everything I write. There’s so much to think of when you’re working, so much to keep track of, but this one probably gives me the most clarity.

Write well; write true.

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